Extron control system driver

Extron provides local control system drivers for HDL310 and HDL410 audio conferencing systems.

Access to these drivers requires registration in the Extron Insider program↗.

What functions are available through the driver?

The control system driver allows users to control Nureva® devices directly from Extron TouchLink® Pro Touchpanels that are connected to Pro Series controllers. The following functions are available:

Microphone mute/unmute
Volume up/down
Adjust treble/bass

Before downloading the driver

Update the Nureva audio conferencing system to the latest firmware version

Download the control system driver

Download and install the appropriate Extron control system driver on your Pro Series enabled product by following these steps:

  1. Become an Extron insider
  2. Go to Extron Control System Drivers
  3. Select your IP Link® Pro Series product from the Extron Product dropdown
  4. In the Manufacturer dropdown, select Nureva
  5. Download the appropriate driver for your Nureva device:
    i. HDL310: Download the driver named Nureva - HDL310
    ii. HDL410: Download the driver named Nureva - HDL410
    iii. 🛈 Do not use the 'Sound Tracking' drivers
  6. Use the Extron tools to connect controller actions to Nureva devices
    i. Completion of Extron's Control Specialist training↗ is recommended

What’s Next

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