Q-SYS™ control plugin

Nureva has developed a Q-SYS-certified local control plugin for the HDL310 and HDL410 audio conferencing systems. This plugin is accessed through the Q-SYS™ Designer Asset Manager.

What functions are available through the plugin?

The Q-SYS plugin allows users to monitor and manage Nureva® devices with the Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager. The following functions are available:

Microphone mute/unmute
Volume up/down
Adjust treble/bass

Before downloading the plugin

Update the Nureva audio conferencing system to the latest firmware version.

Download the control plugin

Download and install the Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager by following these steps:

  • Create a QSC account
  • Go to the Q-SYS Nureva technology partner site
  • Scroll down to the Nureva HDL310 and HDL410 section and click the Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager download link
  • On the Q-SYS Designer Software page, scroll down toward the bottom and download the latest version of Q-SYS Designer Software