How to connect

Clients need to make an initial WebSocket connection to the server IP and configured port of the server as defined in the configuration in Nureva® Console.
How to configure allowlist in Nureva Console

After a connection is established, clients can make requests to the server by using the request format described in the next section.


  1. The WebSocket message is not compressed, so clients need to connect to the WebSocket server with the "perMessageDeflate:false" option
  2. For clients who wish to use a heartbeat on the WebSocket, the ping control frame is supported, per the WebSocket specification. Ping messages sent in accordance with the WebSocket specification will receive a pong response back. Calling other endpoints to achieve a heartbeat is not advised and may lead to adverse behaviour.
  3. There is no automatic closing of this connection. It will be kept active as long as neither party has attempted to close it. The only scenario where it would be closed is if the Nureva Console desktop client is restarted. Otherwise, we expect the connection to remain open and closure would be initiated by the integrating client.