Get device information

This tutorial shows how to get device information from Nureva® audio devices over the local network.

What device information is available?

  • model: The model of the audio device. Possible values are:
    • hdl300
    • dual-hdl
    • hdl310
    • hdl410
  • firmwareVersion: The firmware version of the device


Use Get device information to get the audio device information.



Before you begin

Learn how to add your IP address or hostname and make a WebSocket connection to the configured IP and port of the server.

Step 1 - Send the request

  1. Use the Get device information endpoint to a make a request to get the device information:
  2. Pass "v1/devices/info" in to the request property
  3. Fill in requestId and clientId according to the request format guide
  4. Send the request

The example request below will get the device information.

  "request": "v1/devices/info",
  "requestId": "94486c98-fd25-458e-84ae-df5376fab2a2",
  "clientId": "test"

Step 2 - Parse the response

The example response below indicates that:

  1. The device is an HDL300 audio conferencing system
  2. The firmware version of the device is 4.1.8
  "request": "v1/devices/info",
  "requestId": "94486c98-fd25-458e-84ae-df5376fab2a2",
  "clientId": "test",
  "body": {
    "firmwareVersion": "4.1.8",
    "model": "hdl300"

Tutorial complete!

You now know how to get audio device information.